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Actus legis nemini facit injurium (The act of law injures no one.)

About Us

The law firm MUNANGATI & ASSOCIATES was founded by Justice N. P. Munangati-Manongwa in January 1998 through the assistance and encouragement of friends and colleagues. She was appointed High Court Judge in 2015. The firm maintains a certificate of good standing with the Law Society of Zimbabwe and all its lawyers are members of the Society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a beacon of light in the legal fraternity by upholding age old standards of ethics and morality, to become the best provider of personalized and timeous legal services to all would be clients at balanced and equitable rates with candor, vigor and passion. To seek justice and truth until they are found and beheld.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve and assist our clients realize, assert, enforce and defend their rights within the realm of personal, business or public life. To fulfill our clients’ mandate, turning no man away for lack of means to the best of our ability.

Core Values

“To fulfill our clients’ mandate, turning no man away for lack of means to the best of our ability.” To maintain relevance and skill in a fast paced world, keeping in practice with international best practices while contributing to the development of the legal system in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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Prayer Mazhata

Managing Partner

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Sylvaine V. Tendere

Senior Associate


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Sithembile Gumbo

Practice Manager

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